Words are formed by putting letters together, with a correct order

English vocabulary is an important part of learning and understanding English language. English language learners are inundated with English vocabulary every day in the real world through movies, media, and daily life. Also, there are so many word that we still don’t know about, but through Scrabble we can learn and strengthen our vocabulary in a more entertaining way. So BINUS English Club is here to provide you with the BNEC Scrabble Class! BNEC Scrabble Class is an English class that will help you by learning the retention of new words, using Scrabble with various teaching techniques, such as arranged crossword, combining several random letters, vocabulary exercises to improve your vocabulary and thinking skills. With Scrabble that combine learning and playing, and also tutor that will guide and teach with a good quality module, you will master English in a fun way.