Life as a BCA Employee

By : Samuel Alvin Chandra - Posted on : 2018-12-28 22:12:54

Have you ever think about the working life? Wondering about what it feels like? You’re curious, right? To answer that, 2 representatives of BCA came to BINUS to share their experience and unique stories. They were invited to a seminar by BINUS Career during BINUS Festival on Thursday, November 2, 2018.

It all started from Mr. Elvin Pantowijoyo, a manager in BCA IT Division. He said that “There’s a lot of banking company in Indonesia but there’s one that has always been the favorite for Indonesian, which is BCA (Bank Central Asia)”. As we all know, BCA is a very well-known company, established in 1957, and since then has become the major owner of banking transaction in Indonesia.

BCA has more than 24.000 employees across our nation, and is known to have one of the best IT team in Indonesia, where they named themselves GSIT (Group Strategic Information Technology). Revealing the secret about that fact, he told us 3 main points known as GSIT Perks:

1.    Smart Casual

This means that BCA IT teams don’t have to always wear a suit; they can express their fashion style whichever way they want as long as it is properly polite. With this regulation, employees can be more comfortable when they are working, and their performance will be improved.

2.    Flexi Time

With this regulation, IT division employees can work in a flexible time; they don’t have to come to work at 9 AM every day, they can come later or even work at home if their jobs are already finished.

3.    Annual Engagement

This is one of the most fun things when you’re working in BCA. Every year, everyone in your team can have a vacation together funded by BCA. This vacation has a purpose to let all the employees to relax and increase their engagement.

Besides Mr. Pantowijoyo, they also had another guest, Mr. Shandy Liu, an SAP specialist in BCA. “The quality of a company is not only based on their employees’ quality, but also the environment,” he said. Creating a comfortable yet productive environment is very important, it can make your employees perform better and love to stay in your company, and that’s what BCA implements in the company.