The Job You Wanted, the Job You'll Get. - IISE Seminar

By : Azriel Hutagalung - Posted on : 2018-12-28 22:01:58

Sooner or later, the “real” professional world is coming to us inevitably. The door to a job will be locked and can only be opened by passing the interview. Yup, all job vacations, from chief executive to college intern, all of them starts with interview. IISE, the Industrial Engineering international organization, saw the challenge that most Binusian have, the struggle on excelling the interview phase, and to address that issue, they created a seminar. With the theme “Improving Freshmen Knowledge about Behavioral on Interview,” the goal and vision were represented through every single word clearly.


The day has come. On Friday, November 30, 2018, a couple of students who understand and share the same concern of that issue came to attend the seminar. Sitting on the comfy chairs and sofas at LKC room in Anggrek Campus Library, the seminar ran and was brought by its noble speaker. He is Mr. Aldio Pramudya, who famously recognized as the founder of MudaCumaSekali. Through the whole session, collaborating with the MC pair, he led the audience’s experience.

Mr. Aldio taught and gave insights to help the audiences, which mostly are Binusian, towards two interconnected topics. The first one was the explanation and tips to perform well during the recruitment phase on getting a dream job. He started by describing the recruitment phases which usually have 3 phases. The administration selection is always the first of all phases, and he gave some tips on several conditions, one of them was the trap of sending CV in e-mail. The session continued with explanation of the second and last part of recruitment, the psycho-test and HRD interview.

The second half of the session was actually quite inspiring as he let the topic’s flow from the “getting the dream job” to reminding all of us that being ambitious and searching for money isn’t everything in this life. In this session, he reminded us that in the end, our time is limited and a lot of people waste most of it in the journey of “searching more money” and they just take for granted everything they have in their life. They don’t appreciate their family and friend they got, the fun and warm communities around them, and all other sweet things they have. So, in the end, getting a job is important, but what’s more important than that is to always fill your life with joy.