Binusian Corner - KPU Goes to BINUS: Are You "Really" Ready to Choose the New President?

By : Azriel Hutagalung - Posted on : 2018-12-07 18:46:42

Is telling lie a good or a bad thing? Sometimes, right or wrong is distinguished by a very thin line, that we usually get confused and make a wrong decision. When it comes to politics and choosing a candidate to lead us, it is actually pretty clear to define if someone is good or bad. Yet, with a political strategy, even the worst candidate could seem amazing to the eyes of society. The very reason this event existed was to solve that exact problem. Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) Jakarta Barat, the government constitution built to focus on government election, established campus socialization for the Indonesia President election. Sosialisasi Pendidikan Pemilih (Goes to Campus) PEMILU 2019, held as the collaboration of KPU with many colleges around the region, including BINUS University who also has the same belief that its students need to be taught on how to choose the right candidate.


On September 21, 2019, BINUS invited delegations from its student organizations, with the students having interest in both study and developing their soft skills. They targeted students from outside Jakarta, especially developing cities as the act of giving them the same knowledge and awareness for the upcoming election. Because the developing cities' and the middle to lower class citizen usually were the one who easily believe ‘fake-but-sweet’ promises of the leader candidate.

Binusian Corner - KPU goes to BINUS


BNEC as one of the organization that also cares about the problem, sent one delegation to join the event and to learn, so that he can later be the ambassador of the smart election awareness for people around him. By the way, this was also the mission that KPU gave to all the attendees. This 2 hour socialization were filled with materials about the technical knowledge for the next election, including about eligibility. Their act of preparing us, students, for the April 17, 2019 President Election was elaborated through presentation slides and some surprisingly fun games which brought laughter in the small room.

Binusian Corner - KPU goes to BINUS


It ended with the last session, Q&A session. With all intriguing questions from the attendees, KPU answered them with an interesting opinion which really opened our mind, and some additional comments from another attendees. As the closing statement of this event, the speaker from KPU gave us all a message, that starting from now, we need to sort fact and analyze the quality of the upcoming President candidates even more. But, it’s only half of our mission, because what will be more impactful than that, is becoming the agent of smart-choice (nope, not S.H.I.E.L.D.) that will lead Indonesia to have more smart citizen. Well, the word "our" here includes you, dear reader. This will be a Mission Possible, but only if we are all in this together. So, are you in now?