Binusian Corner - BINUS TV Screening Project #4 "Arief Muhammad Teach The Art of Content Creation"

By : Samuel Alvin Chandra - Posted on : 2018-09-20 17:45:30

binusian corner - screening project


On 11th May 2018, once again BINUS TV held their annual event, the Screening Project #4 with “Think, Roll and Action” as the theme. It aims to brings up the topic about film and video making for Binusian with the same passion. To give knowledge and maintain relations, BINUS TV also invited all student organization in BINUS, and that is the very reason BNEC send their representation to come and show its gratitude for the invitation.

This event was held at Anggrek Auditorium which was decorated perfectly with many colorful lights, banners, and 3D logo. The Screening Project #4 gain its fame by giving 2 amazing speakers, Arief Muhammad (famous content creator) and Garth Parlimbangan (from as the main attraction. It could be seen by the hundreds of participants that came to watch them.


binusian corner - Screening Project


The hype that the MC bring while walking to the stage for the first time, give a sign that this event has finally started. When Garth Parlimbangan show up to the stage to greet all the participants, more and more cheer come surrounding the room. He came from, one of a famous agency for content creator. So, his main focus is explaining on what agency is, what it does, and how it helps their client to become a better content creator.

For a couple time, like during a break between session, an amazing singer named Kezia Manopo come to the stage to entertain the audience by her voice. Surprisingly, she sang way more spectacular then what was we expect before, BINUS TV indeed pick a person with amazing talent. You could hear it by the way she sang New Rules from Dua Lipa, and a couple other songs.


binusian corner - Screening Project


Then, the most awaited moment for the audience came when Arief Muhammad finally invited to the stage by the MC. The crowd was so hyped to finally seeing this gifted content creator that start being famous years ago from his viral Twitter account, @Poconggg.

He shared a little about his past experiences, explain how to be a good content creator, getting out from your comfort zone and doing something creative, and also the difference between content creator and a merely ordinary Youtubers. Auditorium environment became so fun and joyful because Arief Muhammad explained his material in a very funny way that filled with jokes.


binusian corner - Screening Project


After another break, then it came to the final session, Q&A session. A lot of interesting questions has been asked and to both Garth and Arief, and they answered it with a fun and interesting way. This talkshow that BINUS TV created really give a lot of knowledge to all of the audience, and what’s most important for us, the important word that these speakers give to us, to be brave enough to finally start making your own project.


binusian corner - Screening Project


As BNEC Delegations, we are very thankful for the invitation, so after the event ended, we take picture and approached the Project Officer to give our congratulations for the successful event. We are looking forward to see your future events and we are hoping for your participation in ours too!