The 2018 BNEC Active Member Recruitment

By : Saskia Salsabila - Posted on : 2018-07-19 21:19:09

BNEC - 2018 Active Member Recuitment

Every year, BNEC holds an Active Member (AM) Recruitment to recruit people with the spirit to develop and improve themselves. Active Member will contribute on helping and improving the divisions and events within BNEC. Every organization must have a clear direction and purpose, and through that, the good impact will come and accelerate each member’s performances. Therefore, it is a good choice to be an Active Member, being able to improve soft skills and gain experiences.

There are several steps to be completed in order to become an Active Member, such as:

Phase 1: Written Interview and Active Member Division Tasks

This phase started from March 7 until 13. All the applicants must complete the assignments according to the division preferences by interviewing the BNEC Board of Management to help learn more about BNEC and the division.

Phase 2: Interview

Do the applicants fulfill the criteria of an Active Member? How good are their skills? Are they really committed to be part of us? After finishing a written interview, all the applicants will do a face to face interview on March 14 and 15 in BNEC House, in which the recruiters to learn more about the applicants.

Phase 3: Focus Group Discussion

This last phase was held in BINUS Syahdan Campus on March 18, where all the applicants were divided into several groups to join a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in form of an event simulation with similar feeling of BNEC’s event. Teamwork, leadership, critical and analytical thinking were the main scoring points in this phase.

After all phases finished, the BoM will decide the new BNEC Active Member. The applicants will get the result notification via email a few days afterward.

Finally, congratulations to all the new Active Member for your success through all the phases of the AM Recruitment. For those who didn’t pass this time, do not be discouraged because you gave an amazing effort and put everything you got in every phase. Look forward, never stop trying and make this as a lesson for the future!