The 2016 Social Event - The Joy of Hearing

As a part of society BNEC realized that it would not have improved as an organization so significantly without the support of the society. As a token of our gratefulness, we also want to give back to the society through any aspect that needs to be improved, and produce positive impacts for their lives through extraordinary social events. We search and find problems that exist within the society, then we deliver ideas that might solve the problems, and finally organize, and conduct a set of extraordinary events to provide the solutions. Each year, our social event will have different focus and target that aims to the same goal, which is to develop and empower the society.

The social event has been a place executed for different target with different topics each year, The 2016 Social Event “The Joy of Hearing” intends to bring together the hearing-impaired and gave them another platform to communicate even further, with giving them a hearing-check by professional institutions and followed up with english lessons using interactive ways such as custom-designed modules and videos during the visiting week.

We have 3 phases in Social Event 2016. First, we have fundraising and donation month. In this phase, we will do several activities to increase fund in order to be able to provide the hearing tools and modules which will be delivered to the deafs as well as inviting donators to be involved in this event.

Second, we have visiting weeks. We visit the deaf’s schools and do activities there to engage with them like playing games, hearing check by doctors, and teaching them basic English.

Third, which is the final phase, we have final silent day. We gather all of the children from the schools we visited before and hold an extraordinarily silent-based series of events where we try to execute the event without using sound, optimizes texts and visualisation as our base in communication, followed up by the fasting-dinner where the participants will be having a dinner together to break fasting and have fun together during dinner as there will be some performance to enlightens the situation.

The 2016 Social Event