The 2016 New Member Recruitment - Accelerate with BNEC

As an English student organization, BINUS English Club (BNEC) aims to educate and contribute to the wider educational world by giving platform to learn, develop, and enhance the English skills either for its members, talents, or society. To be able to achieve these goals, one of the important things that should be there is the members. Members are the core and main focus in this organization where these members could be the Board of Management, Active Member, or even the Passive Member in which they can develop themselves.

Following the timeline of BINUS University, BNEC recruits its members around July to August. This is the time where new Binusians have their first orientation in order to help them adapt to the environment and teaching-learning system in BINUS University. In this period, every student organization opens recruitment in which they can give opportunity for new students to improve themselves both hard skill and soft skill. The same as BNEC. In 2016, we held once again The 2016 New Member Recruitment.

Starting by the end of July, we opened the first batch of recruitment till the fifth batch at the end of August. There were 2 main activities that we did to get members. First, we participated in Bunga Rampai. In this activity, we aimed to give awareness to new students by performing a simple mini drama so they could know what BINUS English Club is. Teamed up with another student organizations, we performed 5 times in 5 batches.

At the end of this recruitment, with perseverance, hard work, and teamwork among committees, again this year, BINUS English Club managed to be “The Student Organizations with The Highest New Members”. We even broke the last year’s record with more than 1.100 registrants. As the next step, after we finished recruiting, we provided those new members with Welcoming Party so they could make friends with another member. By having these amount of registrants, it didn’t mean we accomplish our goal. That was only the beginning for us to create another journey with them by giving great learning platform that could develop and improve themselves. The real journey would begin after this Welcoming Party where they could be the members of classes or Board of Management.

The 2016 New Member Recruitment