The 2017 English Community Conference - Technology Integration in English Community

Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC) is not just an English student organization, but also a place where we all can share our thoughts and ideas, a place where we can meet and interact with others. It is an organization that facilitates and encourages people to create, change, innovate, direct, inspire and lift people in real world. Bina Nusantara English Club presents not only for Binusian but also for everyone who loves and likes to learn English. One of our mission is to provide the environment of Empowering English Community, and to achieve that mission we held “The 2017 English Community Conference”.

English Community Conference (ECC) is a conference initiated by BNEC to bring together all university’s English Communities in Indonesia and the theme brought was “Technology Integration in English Community”. As we live in the digital era, the technology that lived by our side continues to evolve in an exponential growth. There are only two choices that will happen in the future, whether the technology will bring chaos to us due to the misuse of it, or the thing we want to happen, the creation of a wonderful future by using the technology in the good hand and bring positive impacts to the society. The theme came up as we want to utilize this wonderful instrument to open a great potential in developing our future as an English Community.

Conducted on December 15, 2017, this conference included the presentation and discussion activities, where the presentations delivered by the experts according to the topic. There was also a plenary session hosted by other speakers that we invited to share their experience with technology. To create a warm and friendly vibe among the participants, we held bonding session that filled with some interactive and fun games. The last event was the Gala Dinner where participants dine together and receive the certificate afterward. The long day had ended, and all the participants went home with an unforgettable experience, and most importantly, the knowledge. Through The 2017 ECC, we hope that all the English Club can go back home with the knowledge and insights to increase their standard as we hope that one day, all English Club in Indonesia will be able to influence and make an impact on the society through English education.

To also feel the excitement of the English Club delegation in this English Community Conference, you can check it out in our gallery

The 2016 English Community Conference - English in Today's World

As an English student organization, BINUS English Club (BNEC) aims to educate and contribute to the wider educational world by giving platform to learn, develop, and enhance the English skills either for its members, talents, or society. To achieve the goals of educating and developing skills of the members and demonstrate our credibility and ability, variety program or event-based prestigious English had we held nationally and internationally. Through those events, we have also established partnership and made connections to the Asian level to continue to educate and develop the skills of everyone involved in it. However, we have not had enough and intend to continue to work and contribute to the wider educational world again. Therefore, BNEC held our very first event which gathered youth around Indonesia as a one Big Community in The 2016 English Community Conference: English Community in Today’s World.

This conference was held in BINUS University Anggrek Campus where we gather approximately more than 30 English Communities around Indonesia; from high school till varsity students. Inviting 6 speakers who experts in their field, such as: Debate, Scrabble, Storytelling, Speech, and Newscasting; we aim to make this conference to be a platform to learn and share among these communities so we could become a big English communities and give contribution for educational purpose to the society.

The event started with inspirational and motivational sharing by the speakers. In that session, participants could have the chance to ask them for tips and tricks, their experiences, and even took photos with those speakers. Bonding session was provided also in which the participants played games so they could interact with others. Next session was the Focus Group Discussion. The participants were divided into groups and were given cases; they had to discuss the best way to solve several problems and present their dicussion. Last, all of the participants were gathered in a Gala Dinner where fun and refreshing activities were held.

Seeing such a great accomplishments in The 2016 English Community Conference, BNEC would definitely hold this event again next year with higher expectation, target and will improve the quality more as we aim to be a great English organization and contributing with The English Community around Indonesia.

English Community Conference