The 2018 Asian English Olympics - Dicover Your Extraordinary

There are four big events that BNEC holds every year, and the biggest of all is Asian English Olympics. Starting from only in BINUS University, it expanded to a national scope, and finally, in 2012, it becomes Asian English Olympics. Right now, AEO is the biggest English Competition in the whole Asia which is currently growing up to reach the peak of popularity. Even in Malaysia, some participants said that many people are talking about AEO there. As a prestigious event, it includes 8 fields of competition: Debate, Speech, Spelling Bee, Storytelling, Newscasting, Scrabble, Short Story Writing and Radio Drama.

The 2018 Asian English Olympics held again as the 7th in a row. From February 8 -12, 2018, BINUS University once again filled with so many people from all across Asia. Getting better than last year, the International ambiance feeling on the BINUS atmosphere now increase as we are able to once again get more participants, 673 for this year. With so many participants came, this year we want them to feel extraordinary through our event. We want them to have the tools to get out from their comfort zone, as many beautiful flowers can only bloom there. Though that, this year we lift the theme “Discover Your Extraordinary” as all the committees will put their full effort to make sure that all entities, participants, judges, committee, and even our partners, can discover each of our own meaning of extraordinary.

Not just an ordinary competition, AEO also filled with so many exciting things. Other than the vibe of International Ambience, there are also Coaching Clinics from numerous famous International Judges, and also a heart-pumping experience through the hype of the Ceremonies. With 11 countries participating this year, there are many record breakers achieved this year. Two famous news anchors came to participate as a Newscasting judge. They are Desi Anwar, a famous anchor from CNN and Zilvia Iskandar from Metro TV.

Being covered with Metro TV in their tv show is just one of the cool things happened this year. The coolest part is the fact that this year Final Day and Gala Dinner filled with almost all of the participants. Starting from the Opening Ceremony in Day 2, AEO ends its series of event in SMESCO Convention Hall as we are holding the big and elegant Gala Dinner. Winner announcement, fantastic performance, participants flash mob and closed with a tear dropping Closing Video end that evening with joy. Many emotions fall, as they realize that soon they will have to separate, to back live each of their life, and keeping AEO as their precious memories. With the after party by two DJ, The 2018 AEO is finally ended and everyone goes back to where they belong. Back with the spirit and joy as they already discovered their extraordinary things in this AEO, remembering one simple task, to live up with challenge and keep getting out of the comfort zone, because there are always more to discover.

To visualize the AEO of these past two years, here are the event’s video.

The 2018 Asian English Olympics “Discover Your Extraordinary”

The 2018 Asian English Olympics Closing Video

The 2017 Asian English Olympics “Live Your Aspiration”

The 2017 Asian English Olympics Closing Video

The 2018 Asian English Olympics