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Why Does March 30th Known As National Film Day?

May 20, 2019 / BNEC Public Relations

Film is one of the most amusing form of entertaiment these days. From Western films, Korean films, and now our local films are also being more and more well-known.
But did you know that March 30th is considered a National Film Day? And how did the National Film’s history begin?

The National Film Day is celebrated every March 30th because on this day in 1950, “Darah and Doa” movie was released. But little did we know in Indonesia, films started its fame during the Dutch collonialism. It was marked by the establishment of the first ever cinema in Indonesia in December 5th 1900 which shows “Silent Movies”.

Darah and Doa film is marked as the birth of National Film, since it had a very relatable story on that era. This film is also called Long March of Siliwangi. Similar to the title, this film shows about the long march of Indonesia’s army from their hometown in Yogyakarta to the main base in West Java, led by captain Sudarto. Through this film, we can feel the romance yet, it burns our spirit to keep fighting for our homeland, Indonesia.

Everyone hopes that by the time goes, Indonesia’s local films will be more and more successful and able compete against Hollywood’s films. Indonesia has so many potential to become successful in the film industry. All we need is to keep our fighting spirit to make it come true.