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Together We Are Extraordinary!

May 20, 2019 / Andi Raihanah Ashar

Every year in a new BNEC Presidency, as our predecessor left to continue their journey towards their desired yet unpredictable future, new Board of Management came and put their trust to BNEC to continue their legacy in this organization, and become their learning platform to learn organizational experience.

Do you familiar with the words “Cadre”? Based on our little observe, the name doesn’t seem to ring any kind of activity or something to most of the people’s mind. It was foreign enough, and people used to acknowledge it as Leadership Preparation (or LDKS). In BNEC, our leadership preparation is just a little different from another organization in Binus, taking a little extraordinary activity to teach our new activist, and which we named it as “Cadre Forming”.

Deriving from its original meaning, “cadre” means a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession. Cadre Forming in BNEC is a basic training of leadership, as well a platform to learn for our new activist. Basically, they will be trained and prepared to undergo the presidency in BNEC, along with the guidance of the senior Board of Management.

This year, in The 2019 Cadre Forming, BNEC want to emphasize and encourage the activist to realize that anything can be achieved if they work together. The catchphrase, “Together We Are Extraordinary” shows up as this year theme that is hoped to convey the value to the new activist. In Cadre Forming, they’ll be given any kind of lesson such as how to engage with new people, conduct a discussion, transform their idea by concerning its causes and consequences, and many more.

After getting the values that are required to be the fundamental of a Board of Management, the Cadre Forming ends with everyone gathered to make a scrapbook to record one of their most memorable things done with their friends in BNEC.

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