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The Year of Good Wealth, The Year of Pig

May 09, 2019 / Andi Raihanah Ashar

Chinese New Year, also referred to as Lunar New Year, is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar.

The holiday is filled with reunions among family and friends, lots of delicious food and wishes for a new year filled with prosperity, and good fortune. Just like how the western culture celebrated New Year, Chinese New Year is all about rejoicing a new year that is about our spirit of renewal.

There are no significant differences because of Chinese New Year in general works just as the same as the one we celebrated on January 1. With a touch of traditions, historical symbols, rituals, enticing scarlet, and golden decorations, every Chinese New Year is a new beginning for those who celebrate.

Getting up and planning for Chinese New Year always consist of 2 important things. First, getting rid of bad lucks from the previous year. And second, prepare our home for new set up and to anticipate good fortunes that’ll come to us later on. Many people such as students, workers, business runners, all of them are emptying their schedules to celebrate this joyful moment. The major activity before the D-day is to clean up our house, preparing all ingredients to cook on the day before the main celebration, shop for new clothes and everything you can do to make the feeling of abundance during the main celebration day!

This year’s spirit animal, according to the Chinese calendar, is the energetic and enthusiastic one that wastes no idle time, Pig!

According to Chinese tradition, pig’s auspicious gifts are saint-like generosity and trustworthiness. They often portrait someone who doesn’t stand out very much in the crowds yet surely holds a great aspiration to build their bright future. Also, for portraying someone who is materialistic, this also gives them the motivation to always upgrade the life they live. Year of Pig also means to hold dearly something you consider important, but still having your own way to enjoy life to the fullest.

Here are a little information and guide to decorating your house for Chinese New Year, especially with the plant.

In Chinese tradition, they don’t do much activity that involves cutting decorations because cutting means severing our good fortune. The most things that are needed to be placed in our house is fresh flowers. Any kind is great, but mainly, Chinese tradition uses a kind of flower that represents the celebration very well. For example, orchids held the meaning of love and fertility, and peonies for spring and great wealth. The combination they do most for plant decorations is the combination of cherry blossoms, pine, and bamboo plants altogether to accentuate the essence of virtues, perseverance, and good longevity.

So, what do you think of Chinese New Year? It is a wonderful celebration to gather with our family and enjoy the rest of the holidays telling stories, strengthen the bonds we have while enjoying an abundance of delicious food made with love and joy.

Hope you will have a blast Chinese New Year!