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Push Yourself, Because No One Else is Going to do it For You

May 20, 2019 / Herlin Surya

Sounds cliché to push yourself by yourself, since you think you have a bunch of friends who are going to support you. It’s not wrong to assume that way. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to hear their opinion, because the control of yourself is in you. On the other hand, it would be fatal if you cannot find a way to encourage yourself, and since you are playing the first role in your own life, it is important for you to know your own future purposes. How can you push yourself if you don’t have any goal? Similar to walking casually, you don’t have a clear direction of where you’re going and just follow the track arranged.

As college students, we are given an opportunity to achieve our life purposes, such as being successful in terms of financial or moral through college educations. Aside from taking the opportunity to achieve your goals, what you need to do is, to make efforts and find the right ways, because opportunities do not come free, so maintain them wisely. All the decisions are in your hands, and how you will push yourself to be maximum in utilizing this opportunity. Moreover, the basic yet core effort you need to make is studying. Know your limits and never think about stopping or giving up. Keep in mind to always ‘reward yourself’ after a task is checked, since your body and soul cannot work 24/7, and don’t forget to take your ‘me time’ as a healing method.

Apparently, reality does not allow you to jump straight into your goal. Life always gives you threats and challenges to be conquered by yourself. For instance, the distraction that comes to fool yourself, why is it fooling you? Let’s say that you are invited to study in a group, it sounds good to learn and share knowledge together, but how about dividing the focus between socializing and learning? Also, your mates’ slow progress will make you lose your motivation. Therefore, make sure you have your own principles and preparations before you start to learn in a proper group in order to stay motivated no matter what.

After all, many ways are provided to make efficient and effective study happen. Instead of finding excuses to avoid studying or leaving your task until the last minute, try setting up your own deadline. The less time you’ll have, the more focused you will be, because there is no more excuse to procrastinate. Pushing yourself doesn’t mean you do everything independently without others’ help. You are not a superhuman who has everything in one. Groups will make you learn new lessons and finish tasks faster and easier. Although later you have to decide whether the task should be done independently or with a team.

Self-orientation? No, it doesn’t work exactly that way. Since no one is identically the same, it is also described that ‘what is suitable for others does not mean it is suitable for you’. However, it is applicable in terms of studying habit. When you force yourself to always be like the others rather than yourself, don’t feel surprised if at some point you feel stressed because you never try to be realistic to yourself. Everyone has their own ‘most alert’ time to study or do tasks. Listen to your body clock and notice when you should be productive. No one has control of your body other than yourself, so take the responsibility for your future purposes.