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Help The Earth In One Click

May 20, 2019 / Gumilang Sakinah Suraduhita

Did you know? You can contribute to helping Earth to have a better environment for people who are living here and we can save our Earth by using Ecosia. Ecosia is a Berlin-based search engine where you can plant a tree just by searching. The company donates 80% of its profits from “search ad revenue” to support tree planting programs around the world. They have recently partnered with Vivaldi to let users turn their web searches into trees that are planted in the world’s most environmentally threatened areas and they have also planted millions of trees in Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Madagascar, and other regions. Basically, Ecosia is like Google, but for every search, you donate a plant for our Earth.

Ecosia was launched on December 7, 2009, to coincide with UN climate talks in Copenhagen. Over time, Ecosia has supported various tree-planting programs. Until December 2010, Ecosia’s funds went to a program by WWF Germany which protected the Juruena National Park in the Amazon basin. To protect this area, the organizers drew up and financed plans with timber companies and the local communities. In 2019, Ecosia has over 7 million users and 52 million trees planted. Kroll, as the CEO of Ecosia, said that if the trend continues, they’re on track to plant one billion trees by 2020. Ecosia’s Website is very transparent with users where they show their financial report every month through the website.

This is how Ecosia works. All it takes to get started is by searching anything you want on their search engine. All of Ecosia’s search results are powered by Bing, which is the US second largest search engine owned by Microsoft. The first few results you obtained, which are indicated “Ad”, are the advertisements which help Ecosia generate revenue. By clicking on those results, you can increase Ecosia’s revenue.

Why is Ecosia better than Google? Because by planting trees and offsetting its energy use with renewables, each search removes 1 kg of CO2 from the air, which makes Ecosia a carbon-negative search engine. If Ecosia were as big as Google, it could absorb 15% of all global CO2 emissions! That’s enough to offset vehicle emissions worldwide. Just imagine how much quicker the world could solve climate change.

It’s very simple to take small actions to help our Earth, so let’s start using Ecosia as our search engine!