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Being Healthy is Not Difficult

May 20, 2019 / Herlin Surya

There is no more time for you to procrastinate to have a healthy lifestyle, especially for younger generations. If you are younger, it doesn’t mean you are stronger.

Currently, health problems for college students are getting more serious. Not only does it involves their physical health, but also their mental health as well. As college students, they may have a myriad of activities which cause them to care less about their health. And, the whole activities will be disturbed and even stopped if you are ill. However, a healthy lifestyle is based on the choices you make about your daily habits. It will also define your condition and how fit and energetic you are.

The temptation to have a simpler and faster lifestyle, triggered by the current habit that has comforted you, may spoil you and makes you want to leave a healthy lifestyle. A common example of eating habits is, many college students tend to select food according to taste, time, and price rather than nutritional values. They may think about saving more money, instead of spending it on food. But, healthy food is not always pricey. There’s a lot of suggestion if they have the willingness to look for it. It is all about their mindset that inhibits their own lifestyle.

Healthy food is not delicious as well. Sometimes, we can’t deny that the taste of fresh food is not as tasty as junk food, but how will you be able to take a step forward if you never challenge yourself and try to quit from your comfort zone? Cooking healthier food may take your time, which you can usually use to sleep a little bit longer before your class. But instead of sleeping more, you should wake up earlier to cook your meal. This is the time for you to motivate yourself, know your goal and trust the process. Reminding yourself about the risk if you keep on doing your old habit is a powerful motivation. A lifestyle that includes a positive mind and stress management can help you decrease the level of the unhealthy body.

You may question how you should start,  the first act you should take, or you may become clueless after all. Never think too much, because it will only cause you to delay your change. Start with establishing a routine, make sure you have a balance time, between studying, sleeping and exercising. Although it is time for a snack, make sure fruit is included in your snack list. And the easiest one come from drinking enough water. Start with a glass of water before a meal has a big impact on your brain function, concentration, and even a positive mood.

Lastly, do the simplest exercise such as going for a walk during your break. There is plenty of evidence which shows that lack of exercise is linked with poor mental and physical health. Implementing the steps above is the basic move you can try in order to support you to renew your habit.